Knowledge Discovery and Data Engineering Research Group

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June 05, 2018, 12:47


The KDDE group is involved in the following teaching activities:


Undergraduate First Level Courses

Academic year 2017-2018

Past academic years


Undergraduate Second Level Courses

Academic year 2017-2018

  • Database Systems (Basi di Dati II) - Computer Science
  • Data Mining (Data Mining) - Computer Science
  • Data Analytics for Security (Analisi dei dati per la sicurezza) - Sicurezza Informatica
  • Cryptography (Crittografia) - Sicurezza Informatica
  • Application Security (Sicurezza nelle Applicazioni) - Sicurezza Informatica

Past academic years

Ph.D. Courses


Vocational Masters

  •  Master in Data Science


Other Teaching Activities

Specialization School for Secondary School Teachers (SSIS)



Data Mining Techniques in Sensor Networks

The KDDE group has recently published the book entitled Data Mining Techniques in Sensor Networks, Summarization, Interpolation and Surveillance.

Book cover

Authors: Appice, A., Ciampi, A., Fumarola, F., Malerba, D.

Introduces the trend cluster, a recently defined spatio-temporal pattern, and its use in summarizing, interpolating and identifying anomalies in sensor networks.

KDDE Template

KDDE presentations have to be based on this template.

Group members and students who are taking a degree, are invited to use it.

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