Knowledge Discovery and Data Engineering Research Group


Permanent staff

1.    Prof. Donato Malerba (scientific coordinator of the group)
2.    Prof. Antonietta Lanza
3.    Dr. Michelangelo Ceci, assistant professor
4.    Dr. Annalisa Appice, assistant professor
5.    Dr. Lynn Rudd, assistant professor
6.    Dr. Costantina Caruso, technician

Non permanent staff

1.    Dr. Fabio Fumarola, assistant researcher
2.    Dr. Corrado Loglisci, research fellow
3.    Mr. Gianvito Pio, assistant researcher

1.    Sonja Pravilovic, Ph.D. student
2.    Pasqua Fabiana Lanotte, Ph.D. student
3.    Francesco Serafino, Ph.D. student
4.    Roberto Corizzo, Ph.D. student

Past staff members (collaborations still ongoing)

1.    Dr. Anna Ciampi
2.    Dr. Lucrezia Macchia
3.    Dr. Eliana Salvemini

KDDE  Template

KDDE presentations have to be based on this template.

Group members and students who are taking a degree, are invited to use it.

Discovery Science 2016

The 19th International Conference on Discovery Science (DS 2016) will be held in Bari on October 2016, 19th-21st. KDDE Group is organizing it.

ALT 2016

Algorithmic Learning Theory 2016

Bari, Italy, 19-21 October, 2016.

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