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In this page are reported all the recent projects in which the KDDE group has been directly or indirectly involved by means of its members. For each project, the member in charge is specified.

  • Kometa – Knowledge Community for Efficient Training through Virtual Technologies, POR Puglia FESR – FSE 2014-2020. Fondo Europeo Sviluppo Regionale; person in charge: Annalisa Appice
  • Toreador – TrustwOrthy model-awaRE Analytics Data platform – European project H2020 Grant number 988797; person in charge: Donato Malerba

  • VINCENTE – Un Ambiente Virtuale di Collective Intelligence Abilitante lo Sviluppo di Ecosistemi per l'imprenditorialità Tecnologica Sostenibile; PON02_00563_3470993; person in charge: Donato Malerba

  • Maestra – Learning from massive, incompletely annotated, and structured data – FET OPEN Grant number ICT-2013-61294; person in charge: Michelangelo Ceci

  • Startup Project VIPOC – Virtual Power Operation Center, PON Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013; Bando MIUR – Piano di Azione e Coesione – Big Data; person in charge: Michelangelo Ceci

Data Mining Techniques in Sensor Networks

The KDDE group has recently published the book entitled Data Mining Techniques in Sensor Networks, Summarization, Interpolation and Surveillance.

Book cover

Authors: Appice, A., Ciampi, A., Fumarola, F., Malerba, D.

Introduces the trend cluster, a recently defined spatio-temporal pattern, and its use in summarizing, interpolating and identifying anomalies in sensor networks.

KDDE Template

KDDE presentations have to be based on this template.

Group members and students who are taking a degree, are invited to use it.

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