Registration is managed by Artificial Brain Srl.

Registration is mandatory for the admission to the IRCDL2020 Conference and VIPER-C 2020 workshop. It includes admittance to all (IRCDL and VIPERC) scientific sessions, electronic conference proceedings, congress kit, coffee breaks and lunch as scheduled, and certificate of attendance.

The fee for registering to the conference is 50€.

In order to include the paper in the proceedings at least one author must register before December 15, 2019 to the conference and attend it.

Payment can be issued via bank transfer or Paypal. Employees of Italian universities can also pay via electronic billing (“Fatturazione Elettronica”), by inserting the IPA code of their institution.

Registration instructions

In order to register to the conference you have to communicate the following information:

  • Your email address (personal or institutional address)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Affiliation
  • Invoice heading (participant name and address for a personal bill, company/institution name and the address of the registered office for company/institution bill)
  • Tax code / VAT number (Tax code for a personal bill, VAT number for company/institution bill)
  • IPA code (only for electronic billing)
  • Title of presentation (only for presenting participants)
  • Days of attendance (January 29 and/or January 30 and/or January 31)

The standard registration procedure can be done by clicking the button below and filling the online form by following the instructions inside the form itself. Please note that a Google account is required in order to fill and submit your registration to the conference. If you experiment any issue with this form, please contact Artificial Brain at


If you are not able to use your Google account or you don’t have one, you can perform the paper-based registration by filling this form and send a scan of it to Artificial Brain Srl at this email address: The standard registration with online form is highly recommended, please use the paper form only in case you really need it.

After the registration form has been submitted, you need to perform the payment by following the instruction at the bottom of this page. Each registration with missing payment will be considered as NOT completed, even though the registration form has been successfully submitted!

Payment instructions

In this section, the payment instructions are reported. Please make sure you have successfully submitted your registration form BEFORE paying the conference fee. If you have not filled and submitted the registration form, please go back and follow the instruction in the Registration instructions section and then return here in order to perform the payment.

The payment can be done via Paypal or via Bank Transfer.

  • To pay via Bank Transfer, please use the following bank details:

    IT19 Y 030 6904 0671 0000 0003 973
    Account holder: Artificial Brain Srl
    Bank: Intesa San Paolo FILIALE – BARI 14
    Reason of payment: <Name and Surname of the participant> IRCDL 2020 registration
    Bank address: 70125 – VIALE UNITA’ D’ITALIA, 86 – BARI (ITALY)
    Account holder address: 70125 – Via Piave, 63 – BARI (ITALY)


  • To pay via PayPal, please insert your Name and Surname in the box below and click the button “Pay now” (Paga adesso). Please, don’t forget to indicate clearly “<Name and Surname of the participant> IRCDL2020 registration” into the reason of payment field.

    Name and Surname